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Today millions of children and families around the world are living in extreme poverty with little or no food, suffering from diseases, victimized by wars, natural disaster, HIV/AIDs, exploitation, violence, abuse, neglect and parents unable to provide basic needs for their children. These challenges can have a negative impact not only on a child or family, but on the entire community.

These children are no exception. These are real children desperately in need of our help.

Please join us today in helping these children with basic needs such as food, medical care, clothing, foot ware, education, shelter, and help them reach their full God given potentials.

Children and families living in poverty is a global issue. We have the power to make a difference. We do not have to be millionaires or well known to help people in need. We just need to have a heart, a desire, and a Will-power to take action.
Today there are more than 143 million orphans in the world; and every two seconds another child becomes an orphan.

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For Just $ 3.00, A Child Can Have 3 Meals A Day

When we are blessed, we are to bless others!

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